So, I’ve heard you liek makin gamez.

Hi there, interwebz stranger!

The name is Duobix, or more oficialy Mr.Rockgovsky. The story I’m gonna tell you works in mysteriously absurd ways. But never mind that.

Some time ago I decided that I want to make games. I was maybe sixteen then. I wanted to make a living out of it. I had made some mods for different games prior to that decision, most for games I don’t exactly remember now (but I’m sure I gotta revisit some of them sometime).

The dream of making games was there, but I couldn’t just put it out loud to people. Somehow, when talking to adults, or to other teens, it seemed like I could have been joking.

But the year was 2008. That year may seem like nothing to most of you. To me that date is the birthdate of indie gaming as an actual thing, when people started to belive that a small group of people could create a very good game. It was probably the first time ever that game developers weren’t some people nobody knew, they were there, you could talk to them. And that’s because things like twitter and tig were there. It was all great.

And my idea was, that if some people could do that, so could I. But I was pretty much clueless. How do I get things on screen? How do I make it all work? How do I make a good game?

Answering those question takes years. And it took me years to be able to make a fully playable game. By writing my experiances, I hope I’ll help someone else with their dreams, not only those dreaming of making games, but also those with their own, very personal nightly visions.

To test myself-how good I am at the moment-I often visit/take part in events called game jams. And on this blog, I’ll be covering my experiances from them, and also my experiance from beyond the gamejams-as if what has happened to some of my games.