Back in my home town…

…recently I’ve come back to the town I grew up in.

My family still lives there. Or at least, a part of it.

When I was a teen I always went out for a walk and stumbled upon someone who was actually throwing a party. It was crazy. I could just walk out any time I wanted and there was something to do at least.

Not now. I know it’s easter time, but hey. There’s nothing to do in my home town. Shops got closed. Cafeterias are closed. Bars are nonexistent. Cinema doesn’t operate. Maybe I could meet someone, stumble upon a friend on street? Lol nope. Nobody to be seen anywhere. Just like a ghost town.

Actually, my home town would be perfect for zombie-themed easter european larp. Actually it sorta feels like it, as the most common people – rarely seen – are dirty drunkards.

From a game design perspective, if I were to gamify my town, it would be a survival experiance for sure, similar to “lost in blue” games (kind of). The goal of the game would be to earn money to buy a ticket out of this town. It’d be one of the most depressing and boring experiances known to man.

Or I could spice it up a bit with excitement, and make it an FPA game, just like an antichamber, but in greyish reality of eastern europe – where the space is arranged in an non-euclidean way, so you always do get lost in the post-soviet reality.

Or I could make a play on one of zelda mechanics- the classic exchange chain-but instead of exchanging stuff, you’d exchange alcohol to the point where you get a ticket out of town.

Thinking all about that made me realize-I subconsciously don’t really want to be in my home town.